On The National Register of Historic Places

N.W. Faison House
Historic Faison House

The antique furnishings, artwork, and everyday household items present a sense of a way of living in Texas, from settlement to the discovery of oil and gives glimpses of family life from the 1870s to the early 1900s. The home brims with stories of pioneer settlement, hardship and prosperity, race relations, and the lives of wealthy Texans in the Gilded Age.

A self-guided video tour brings to life the residents of the house such as Nathaniel W. Faison (1817-1870), a military hero, land baron, and benefactor of the African American community after emancipation. Faison’s descendants occupied the house until the early 1960s, but their wealth did not bring happiness.

Follow the life of Freedwoman Louisiana Brown who owned the house from 1870 until 1872, one of the first freedwomen in the state to own property.  Discover how she overcame the odds and continued to thrive in a hostile environment.